St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church
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Homily for 5th Monday of Lent

What do we see in today's Gospel? Pharisees come to the Lord with a clever and dishonest idea. They think that if he had to ston this accused woman, he would lose his fame of kindness; and on the other hand, if he bans what the law established, he could be caught for sinning against the law.

They're trying to trick him like when they asked him if they should pay Caesar taxes... remember what happened then? Yes, yes.

won them at their own game asking them who the coin was. And when he was shown that he had Caesar's image and inscription-from his own mouth-he ordered them: ′′ Return to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is of God ′′ (Lk 20,21-25). A blow of genius divine.

In this way, we are reminded that the image of God we carry in ourselves-remember that we received this image in our souls in baptism and that it can never be erased-this image should be returned to God, as should the image of Caesar in the currency must be returned to Caesar.

Now we see the adulterer's case... he interrogates the interrogators. In these questions judge judges. What does he say? In essence, it says: ′′ I don't forbid anyone who is stoned by law states that they should be stoned; what I want to know is by whom... who is worthy of execution of the sentence for the crime? May whoever is free of sin be the first to throw a stone at him. It's God's law... so only one who is like God... only one perfect person can execute God's judgment ". What a well done ".

When everyone left who was there? sinner and savior were left alone. The doctor got the sick one. Pity personified was left alone with the most unfortunate person.

And looking at the woman Jesus said, ′′ No one has condemned you?". How did she respond? She replied, ′′ No one, Lord ". She was still carved by anxiety, was consumed by stress and fear.

Sinners had not ventured to condemn her... they had not dared to stone another sinner... why? Why is that? Why is that? Because when they looked into their hearts, what did they find? They found themselves to be the same. They are no better than women. What she did in the body they all did in their souls.

This poor beautiful woman... still wasn't free! Why, dear ones? Why was his life still in danger? Who was left to serve the sentence? Yayyyyyyyyyy! because one who was free of sin had stayed to judge her. Jesus the immaculate, the sinless lamb of God!

′′ No one ", asked her, ′′ has he condemned you?". She replied, ′′ No one, Lord "; than anyone, if you, Jesus, don't condemn me either... then I'm saved ".

The Lord answered his restlessness by saying, ′′ I will not condemn you either. Neither do I. Yes, I am free from sin. But I refuse to condemn you ". Those others were held back by their sin-stained conscience not to punish you. But I am perfect. And that perfection moves my bowels with perfect mercy to help you ".

This wasn't just for the woman back in the day. Godliness of Jesus is moving for you today too. If you can't feel it. Look at your face in the Eucharist until you are overwhelmed by your love.

Come near the altar of sacrifice so that the mercy of your blood will bathe you and destroy everything that's shameful in you. That's what he has for you today. Let His mercy touch you from this altar.